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Xue Mo's Philosophy School of Mind Series

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Xue Mo’ s Philosophy School of Mind Series


Based on twenty more years of personal practice around the cultivation of mind as well as the researches on traditional philosophical theories of mind from Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, Xue Mo distills the essence and establishes his own philosophy school of mind which can not only keep up with the time but also satisfy people’s spiritual needs. Meanwhile, with its easily understood interpretation, this series is detached from names and forms and directly points to the human mind. Thus, some scholars even regard it as a brilliant work epitomizing the traditional Chinese philosophical theories of mind ever to be written. Moreover, compared with the Confucian master Wang Yangming’s philosophy school of mind, this series is unique for it systematically offers a series of clear theories and operable approaches  to cultivate the mind, which are also verified by generations of accomplished teachers. In short, if somebody seriously cultivates his mind according to the instructions in the book, his mind will definitely become stronger and his quality of life will also be elevated to a higher level.

It’s noted that although all the books in this series are different from each other in terms of their content, they are actually complement and reinforce each other, and constitutes the pyramid of knowledge structure of Xuemo’s philosophy school of mind.



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