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The World Is a Reflection of the Mind

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The World Is a Reflection of the Mind

This book is a must-read, which can be viewed as a series of yoga lessons for the mind.It is a dialogue between classical Chinese wisdom and the restless, anxious, and disoriented souls of modern people.It is also a vital book that explains to people why they are suffering from pain and anxiety.It is neither a so-called ‘ Chicken Soup for the Soul’ nor a book filled theories and theoretical jargon.It does not aim to help you attain temporary happiness.Instead, with its simple insight of wisdom,it makes you understand that none of the problems that you encounter originate from other people, but instead they are rooted in your own mind.

The book has a power to penetrate illusions and to directly touch your true heart. It provides modern people with secret methods for handling all sorts of situations in life.It receives immense popularity among readers at home and abroad, especially those who are in the fields of medicine and education.This book has been translated into English by the famous American sinologist J.C.Cleary.

At the Frankfort Book Fair last year,Many people bought the book decisively because of the profound and interesting title.



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