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The Essence of Mahamudra

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The Essence of Mahamudra

In recent years, many books have been constantly published abroad on the topic of mahamudra or mind meditation. This book is different in the systematic way it distills the essence of the author’s researches and practice over many years on traditional mahamuda to construct a complete and graded path of practice towards the awakening to our inherent wisdom. By reading the book, you will not only understand the philosophical theories of this world-transcending wisdom and its clear lineage , but also be informed of a step-by-step precise description of the ways to practice and the effective solution to every typical problem that arises in different stages. Therefore, for those who want to know about the mahamudra culture or eager to achieve spiritual awakening, it is really a wonderful book that can’t be missed.

It’s noted that this book  has been translated into English by J.C.Cleary, Doctor of Sinology and Culture at Harward University, and will be published soon


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