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The Ture Thoughts of Lao Tzu-TomeⅡ:

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The Ture Thoughts of Lao Tzu-TomeⅡ:

The Interpretation of the Tao Te Ching by Xue Mo



In this book, the writer begins his interpertation of the Tao Te Ching from the 22nd chapter to the 42nd chaper, which follows the same way as he adopts in his previous book. This time he still leads us to understand Lao Tzu’s wisdom from the perspective of the Tao, and stresses how to apply this wisdom to people’s real life to deal with their confusions and aff liction in comtermporary scociety. Besides, he emphasizes the key to learn the classic works is to put them into practice and introduces a series of effective ways to meet different people’s needs. In short, when we read this book seriously and understand it throughly, we are sure to improve the quality of our life and make our spiritual realm elevated to a newly high level, and then realizes the true value of ourselves.


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