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Writer Xuemo's Poems are Published in Romanian Top MagazineRotonda Valaha

2020-09-21 16:22 From: www.xuemo.cn/en Author: Xue Mo Culture Browse: 15854669 Times


Writer Xuemo's Poems are Published in Romanian Top MagazineRotonda Valaha

  Recently,four poems by the Chinese writer Xuemo's, which were translated by the famous Romanian sinologist Mr. Constantin Lupeanu, have been published in Romanian top magazine Rotonda Valahaand received high praise from Ion Andreiță, the chief editor of the magazine. The four poems are “Buddha”,“Autumn Dreams”,“Autumn Crickets”, and “The Most Unforgettable”.

It's said that this is the third time that Xue's poems are published in Romanian top magazine. Not long ago, his two poems “Narlanda” and “Autumn Dreams” were each published in another two most influential Romanian magazines, Rotonda Valaha andSUD, and the translator was also Mr. Constantin Lupeanu, who is currently working on the Romanian translation ofThe Fox Worshipping the Moon, Xuemo’s first poetry collection with amusing illustrations.

According to Mr. Constantin Lupeanu, The Fox Worshipping the Moon is a rare masterpiece, as its wisdom, profoundness, and vastness can always touch the deepest corners of his mind, deepening his understanding about the essence of life. Furthermore, the language of poems is alluring and rich in emotions, with extremely beautiful imagery and beautiful rhythm, which often leaves him in deep thoughts, savoring the beautiful feelings brought by reading the poems. He is thereforevery happy to introduce more poems as excellent as these to the Romanian readers.

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